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     Upcoming Music artistes!! This is what promoting your music on 9jaflaver can do for you:-

    Why 9jaflaver Is The King Of Online Music Promotion

    We all know that online music promotion is the most effective means of promoting your song as a music artiste into stardom.
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    In the year 2019 we generated over 3 billion downloads and this year we are generating much more downloads, we’ve promoted many music artistes into stardom with the aid of our effective music promotional services, music artistes such as Fireboy, Rema, and many more…
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    We’ve developed our music promotion packages, and they more effective and powerful, read below:-

    Below are our promo packages:-
    Basic Package:- With this package, your music will be posted on 9jaflaver.com and will also be shared on our twitter, and facebook page. Whenever millions of music lovers come into 9jaflaver looking for music to download, they’ll come across your music
    Cost:- 20,000 Naira
    Music advert package:- This is anew package introduced to replace the Standard and Premium package, this package carries both the power of the standard and premium package together and more, making this package more powerful, when you visit the music category of 9jaflaver.com below the hottest songs, you’ll see a section with the title Promoted Song that is the Music advert, when millions of music lovers come to 9jaflaver looking for music to download, your song on the Promoted Song section will be one of the first songs to welcome the music lovers, giving your music much more exposure, I hope you are happy with this new development, good…
    See screenshot below…

    How to start the music advert:- The music advert package cost, 10,000 Naira per week, your song must be on 9jaflaver.com before you can go for the music advert package, if your song is not on 9jaflaver.com, then you can pay 30,000 Naira for your song to be posted on 9jaflaver and the music advert package will start for one week, after one week if you choose to renew the package, then you’ll have to pay 10,000 Naira for renewal, or you can pay for weeks ahead or months
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    Chat with us on Whatsapp:- 07082442984