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  • Here is how You can Join the Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power Watch Party on Prime Video
  • There’s been a lot of buzz globally, with a major premiere in London just a few days ago. With Prime Video fully loaded in Nigeria, the buzz has also shifted this way, I’ve caught a few billboards and heard the radio ads, tomorrow the adventure begins!

    I’ve scanned through a few reviews, and a common theme is a talk about the astonishingly rich visuals and how it’s best experienced on a big screen, which I’ll definitely be doing, but not on my own.

    Did someone say Watch Party?

    Watch Parties offer a special way to enjoy your favourite shows with your dearest ones. Watch Parties are ideal for all sorts of viewers across all genres and help individuals feel more connected to the content and the communities that develop around them.

    Watch Parties work best for igniting and strengthening loyal fandoms and sparking conversations within a tightly knit group of people. By bringing the thrill of community viewing from the theatre right into the living room, it’s also wonderful for fostering social connections amongst people during movie night.

    I have put together a few guidelines to help you host the perfect Watch Party.

    1. What are you watching?: Has to be something epic, that can get your guests excited and start conversations.  So pick carefully. No 1 on my list at the moment is The Lord of The Rings: Rings of Power.
    2. Do a headcount?: Do you know how they say that the greatest way to succeed at something is to prepare for it? In order to properly plan your watch party, make sure to count everyone who will be attending before sending out invitations. A written and snail-mailed invitation merely elevates it to another level. Ensure you have enough time for sending them out.
    3. Location & Time: Next, decide where you will have the watch party because you want everyone to feel at ease and enjoy themselves. Additionally, if the show being viewed is live, you should ask your friends to arrive earlier so that everyone can settle in before the event.
    4. Everyone connects over food: Though they are there to watch the show and mingle, people are really just looking forward to some delicious cuisine. A good selection of appetisers, beverages, and entrees is essential. You may make the food more interesting by theming it after the show. For Lord of the Rings:  Rings of Power, I might throw some chicken legs and my finest wine.
    5. Theatre Screen: To make things more interesting, think bigger and smarter with your TV, to make the space feel like a theatre and really wow your guests.

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