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  • I Made N66 Million in Three Months From My Printing Business Without Doing Physical Work Myself

    A TikTok user and an entrepreneur have displayed a side business that earned her about N66 million in three months. Heather runs the account itsheatherstudio on the social media site, stating that one of the keys to her breakthrough has been print-on-demand via Etsy. This American e-Commerce platform focuses on vintage items and craft supplies. 

    In a video, she stated the advantage of using print-on-demand. 

    Flexible process without physical activity According to her, the process allows sellers on Etsy to sell products without printing, packaging, or delivering the items. 

    \Sellers can create and advertise custom-made designs on things like shirts, hats or mugs, but they don't need to create any physical inventory. Immediately after the order is placed, a third-party supplier takes care of the product's printing and delivery. Heather explained that the strategy allows her to earn thousands of dollars in a month without leaving the comfort of her home or putting in any physical labor to fulfill orders. 

    Sellers who use a print-on-demand fulfillment model can also spend a lot of time advertising their brand on social media and refining their designs. The huge market cap for print-on-demand According to recent data, the system has become a major part of e-commerce as the market hit $44.9 billion last year. 

    The Sun reports that Print-on-demand is available on other platforms like Amazon and Shopify. Also, apart from removing much of the hands-on work of selling on the Etsy platform, the business also removes much of the financial risk of building out an Etsy shop. 

    The start-up costs are minimal since the seller does not need to buy or maintain inventory. Sellers can also outsource shipping and order fulfilment to third-party, and this will eat into the seller's earnings. Heather said that her profit is usually 30 per cent, which means she made about $30,00 of the $100,000 revenue in three months. 

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